FC 2-19 • 30.08.2019 – 01.09. 2019

Seminar-ID: FC 2-19
Seminarort: Kopenhagen
Start-Termin: 30.08.2019
Letzter Tag: 01.09.2019

Family constellation in Denmark – Kopenhagen

Date: 30.08. – 01.09. 2019

Experiencing the spiritual essence of systemic constellation work – or: the joy of growing adult

Systemic constellation work means to bringing conscious understanding into our physical, emotional and mental suffering and well-being. Concretely speaking it means for example to turn unconscious identification with family members or ancestors into a conscious relation with them – in order to leave suffering and guilt respectfully with its original owners, to release trauma out of our body and soul and finally to take life’s gifts gratefully as they are offered.
We know this as working on the many levels of our biography or on the conditioned
aspects of our existence – which is another word for growing adult on the conditioned / biographical level.
When doing so thoroughly, patiently and self-compassionately we allow our mind’s natural inclination to move on into the space of the non-conditioned or into the spiritual realm. The non-conditioned /spiritual has no causation, there is no “I am this because of that” (e.g. my ancestors, spouse or my present environment), there is simply Being gently revealing itself as the innermost quality and beauty of our existence. So, the non-conditioned or spiritual realm is naturally waiting for us in the midst of the conditioned or biographical realm. We know that there is no shortcut to the spiritual by avoiding or bypassing life’s given challenges. Our immediate life circumstances are the only and the best doorway to our innermost essence.
That means growing adult on the spiritual level.

In this workshop any meaningful issue for constellation work is welcome, e.g. conflicts in our relations, on our workplace our physical problems.
Within this context we will inquire into the inherent spiritual unfolding through theory on consciousness and related topics supporting awareness of how the non-conditioned shines through the conditioned, and sharing the many opportunities and the joy of growing even more adult together. And not the least by finding opportunities to smile and to laugh even in difficult circumstances.


Seminar fee: 4500 DK

Contact and registration  etc.:

Liv Dhamyo Thommsen


phone: +45-20437475