Dr. med. Albrecht Mahr

M.D. – Specialist in Psychosomatic Medicine
and Psychotherapy, Psychoanalysis,
Systems Therapy

Unterer Dallenbergweg 40
97082 Würzburg
Phone: 0931 7840-100
Fax: 0931 7840-101
Email: A.u.B.Mahr[at]t-online[dot]de


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About our work

We are offering different forms of Systemic Constellations, namely Family Constellations and Organizational Constellations.

The ISAIL – Institute for Systemic Constellation Work and Integrative Solutions – offers family constellation work in the therapeutic context for individuals who wish to unburden their lives from restricting childhood influences. Unhealthy and outdated systemic patterns can keep us arrested in ways that painfully limit the unfoldment of our human potential in many areas in life. We may experience dissatisfaction in our work or in our love relationships while feeling helpless to bring about change. Family constellation work can make these unhealthy connections visible and lead to understanding of the barriers. This can have a fundamentally changing effect on relationships which in turn opens up completely new perspectives for those individuals affected.

In our seminars, in the year-long group and in the supervision groups, we offer a theoretically well-founded and experientially focused practice of systemic constellation work. This includes constellation work with families, organizations and other groups in different contexts.