The 2021 Year-Long Group

In life-phases that are moving our heart

The year-long group for system constellations is a personal and professional training in five modules comprising systemic constellation work, depth psychological and spiritual theory and practice. It is designed for people who are in a particularly important phase of their lives and who seek deeper understanding of their life situation: their relation to themselves, to the people they live and work with, their profession, health, socio-political environment or their vocation. The year-long group provides a framework that allows participants to experience and explore their hearts desires and to mutually support each other in a safe environment.

In addition to the practice of self-awareness participants are learning about the psychological theory, techniques and procedures according to the personal training needs.

At the centre of this year of training is a spiritual orientation: we see our biographically shaped personality like a gem reflecting through its facets the original aspects our being. The healing of the injuries and wounds of our personality occur in the light of that which is undamaged from the beginning in each and every one of us. The unmistakable criteria for the good results of our work are: they always serve all persons involved and include more clarity, cordiality, benevolence and a warm sense of humor towards ourselves and others.

The group is about topics such as:

  • Reconciliation with parents and ancestors
  • Parenthood, trust in ourselves and in our children.
  • Intimate relationships: positive change or friendly separation
  • Difficulty with loss, parting and death
  • The recognition of self-critical inner voices and their transformation into clarity and self-compassion
  • Physical symptoms and diseases and their systemic meaning
  • Support with resolving traumas
  • Professional re-orientation
  • Understanding ones vocation
  • Finding our position in times of social and political upheavals

Further topics naturally arise from the process of the group.

The method:
We use system constellation work in all variations, supported by depth psychological understanding and contemporary psychoanalysis. Additional intensive small group work clarifies and deepens our existential questions and supports our practice in the Now.

Additionally we use:

  • The formation of local groups (peer groups) to continue practicing together between the seminars and even beyond the year.
  • At the end of each module the group is dining together in a cosy nearby restaurant
  • At the end of the year we have a farewell dinner together with small presentations of each participant about the experiences of the passed year.

For preparing your participation in that group we suggest reading the book by Albrecht Mahr: „From the illusions of a carefree childhood and the good luck of being an adult“ (in German only) Scorpio Verlag, published in March 2016.