Management, Seminar Organization

Brigitta Mahr

Brigitta Mahr was born in 1950 and is married to Dr. Albrecht Mahr. Together they have two grown up children. Brigitta Mahr started her career as a medical technical assistant, became yoga and meditation teacher BDY/EYU (professional association of yoga teachers). She is an authorized meditation teacher trained by P. Willigis Jäger (Zen) and Ayya Khema (Vipassana). Since 2001 she studies the Ridhwan Approach according to its founder A.H. Almaas. From 2001 to 2011, together with her husband, she initiated and organized the international conferences “Fields of Conflict – Fields of Wisdom”. In 2003 Brigitta Mahr founded the international association “FAB – Friendship Across Borders e.V.” with the support of Albrecht Mahr. FAB is an initiative for mutual understanding and reconciliation between young adults from Palestine, Israel and Germany. Through the years 2005 to 2009 she developed and managed the “Peace Carrier Training”. The training leads students through a program which aims at building mutual, cross-border empathy by consciously and carefully dealing with emotional, individual and collective conflicts and traumas. It is supported and maintained by professional mentors from the 3 participating countries. Since 2015 she offers trips to Auschwitz/Birkenau under the title “Let me see through your eyes” as part of her peace work.